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One of the benefits of SARSShield products is that they can be disinfected with whatever cleaning protocol you require. Best practice is to spray the shields with whatever healthcare grade spray you are currently using in your facility. An alcohol based spray will evaporate rapidly, but longer lasting kill solutions are preferable for many institutions. Some cleaning protocols require users to spray the shield before and/or after each use and/or have a related hand sanitizing protocol (recommended). 
Recommended Cleaning Protocols:
1) Use Hospital Grade Disinfectant Sprays (Best Practice!) The SARS Shield is designed to work with virtually all medical grade, commercial grade, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal sprays to kill most known surface contaminants including SARS, Influenza, Staph and MRSA. Testing confirms that this is the most effective cleaning protocol for hospitals. Thoroughly spray all surface areas. Use as directed. Wipe away excess moisture prior to use.
2) Use Disinfectant Wipes. Alcohol based disinfectant wipes are the fastest and easiest way to disinfect your SARS Shield. Thoroughly wipe all surface area with disinfectant wipes and allow to air dry.  Use as directed.
3) Hand wash with soap and warm water Your SARS Shield is washable and fully submersible. 1) Soak in warm water using dish soap or other cleaning agent. Vigorously wash and rinse shield in order to ensure thorough cleaning. 2) Shake dry. Wipe away excess surface moisture.
4) Machine Wash in Dishwasher Your SARS Shield is designed to be washed in a dishwasher using standard automatic dishwasher detergent. 

Q. What cleaning solutions can I use?
A. SARS Shield is compatible with widely used hospital disinfectants and common household cleaners including:
Sodium Hypochlorite Based Solution (10% bleach dilution). Seal Shield products are Clorox Healthcare Compatible™
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (quats) / Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (QAC) Based Solution
Hydrogen Peroxide Based Solution (H2O2)
Phenol Based Solution
Isopropyl Alcohol Based Solution
Soap and Warm Water
Note: follow the chemical manufacturer's instructions accordingly.

Q. How do I clean SARS Shield?
A. There are 3 main methods:
Spray and Wipe method
Submersion method
Dishwasher Cycle method
Note: Always refer to your facilities infection control cleaning policies first and follow the chemical manufacturer's instructions accordingly.

Q: Can I really wash SARS Shield in a dishwasher?
A. Yes, just make certain the dishwasher cycle is in “non-heated” mode. SARS Shield recommends the dishwasher cycle is less than 140 Fahrenheit / 60 Celsius.

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